ACCM Certification, which urban furniture products do we have certified?

ACCM Certification ensures that a product meets the requirements set out in applicable regulations and standards, as well as the general market and customer requirements. The certification aims to verify the product’s suitability for its specified use and establish parameters of excellence in the manufacturing process.

A process is carried out to verify that the manufacturing company has a quality system. Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended to have one that includes all the ISO 9001 requirements, carrying out control and inspection activities on the finished or semi-finished product.

The benefits of certifying a product are evident:

  • Projects an image of absolute assurance to the market and customers.
  • Provides additional security against inspections of public and private organisms.
  • Improves the conditions and possibilities of sales, also favoring exportation.
  • Clarifies the manufacturer’s responsibility in case of damages to third parties due to misuse of the product.
  • Minimizes manufacturing errors and improves profitability.

If you want to know more, we provide the link to their website:

Products with this certification are more unique in the market and have less competition, which is crucial for tenders, to prescribe a unique product with a certification that the competition does not have.

FÁBREGAS products certified by ACCM include:

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