We are excited to share a significant milestone with our customers: our commitment to manufacturing two lines of street furniture sourced from urban and marine waste has become a reality. To mark this achievement, we are introducing two new lines of benches and bins made from recycled plastic, specifically polyethylene.

ECO-OCEAN RANGE, derived from plastic waste collected from the sea

The MAVERIK ECO OCEAN bench and the IBIZA ECO OCEAN bin are made of plastic waste retrieved from the sea.

A distinguishing feature of this range is its low maintenance requirements. In addition, they are designed with the sustainability of cities in mind.

For example, they promote the circular economy by utilizing plastic waste collected from the sea instead of extracting raw materials through conventional means.

Key advantages include:

  • 100% recyclables
  • Made of plastic waste
  • Low maintenance

ECO – URBAN RANGE, sourced from plastic waste from urban areas

Unlike the previous range, the MAVERIK ECO URBAN bench and the IBIZA ECO URBAN bin are made from plastic waste from urban areas.

Transitioning from the city waste back into the urban environment, but this time in the form of benches and bins that have similar features: they are 100% recyclables and require no maintenance.

Designed to enhance the sustainability of cities, they contribute to the circular economy, extending the life cycle of urban components.

At Grup Fábregas we are taking a proactive step towards sustainable urban development with furniture elements that align with our values.

We can no longer delay addressing our consumption habits and urban planning. To create the future we envision, it is imperative that we take collective responsibility and act now.

If you would like to learn more about our new benches and bins made from recycled plastic, contact us.

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