Transforming old marine nets into a new version of the IBIZA bin

In the Port of Ibiza, Zona Botafoc Eivissa, a new version of our IBIZA OCEAN 120L bin has come to light, becoming a star in the field of sustainability. Our OCEAN collection, made from marine waste, is reinvented this time by using marine nets collected from its own shores. This initiative promotes the conservation of the local environment.

The Balearic Port Authority presented us with a challenge: to create a bin using recovered marine nets. In collaboration with our partner ONA SAFE AND CLEAN, we accepted the challenge and embarked on this journey towards sustainability.

Operating an electric boat, ONA SAFE AND CLEAN took charge of cleaning the coasts and port areas. Upon arrival at FÁBREGAS, these recovered marine nets were transformed into a valuable resource: the robust IBIZA OCEAN bins. The bluish colour of this version of the bin, derived from its source material, reflects the purity of a clean ocean.

The result is a product that not only serves to manage waste but also tells a story of environmental responsibility. The explanatory plaque included in each bin will help raise awareness among the public about the positive impact of recycling and reusing marine waste.

IBIZA Bins, a revolutionary and eco-friendly product

The IBIZA OCEAN bins are much more than practical waste containers. Their features reinforce our commitment to sustainability.

  • Maintenance-free: Designed to withstand without the need for additional care.
  • Resistant to salinity: Perfect for marine environments, as they do not rust or get affected by salinity.
  • 100% recyclable and made from recycled material: Recovered marine nets.

Together for a cleaner future

This project is an example of collaboration between different agents to transform the environment. The circular economy and environmental care are possible when we all get involved.

At FÁBREGAS we are proud to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future. We invite everyone to be part of this change and support initiatives that improve our natural environment.

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