After more than 10 years of supplying and distributing our classic and iconic C-106-PLAST bench we are introducing its individual seat version:  the C-106 PLA chair.

The goal of this new addition is to provide different options to create urban spaces, maintaining the design of C-106-PLAST (MODO POLYETHYLENE BENCH). In this way our customers can create spaces with benches and individual chairs.

If you want to learn more about its functionality and design options, keep reading the following lines.

Technical features of the C-106-PLA Chair

Similar to the other products in the same family, it is available in a wide variety of colors: yellow, blue, cobalt, corten, gray, lilac, orange, red, green and acid green.

It also maintains the same quality and properties. Among others, we highlight the following:

  • Anti-graffiti features, providing protection against acts of vandalism.
  • Low maintenance requirements to ensure their good condition.
  • Great robustness, reinforced by their stainless steel screws.
  • UV treatment for added durability.

While the measurements differ from the bench (730 x 742 x 830 mm), the 90-degree angle in the seat is retained, promoting comfort and respecting the ergonomic position of the human body.

Below, you can view some images of the C-106-PLA Chair in situ:

Additionally, we would like to mention that product deliveries are carried out in palletized and plastic-wrapped packaging, ensuring the integrity of the product while enabling secure and easy distribution.

With this version, we continue to uphold the legacy of the Polyethylene MODO bench. We hope that this combination of chair and bench will contribute to the creation of more recreational and friendly spaces in outdoor environments.

For further information about urban furniture solutions, please contact Grup Fábregas.

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