Grup Fábregas and Ona Safe & Clean explain the “ONE OCEAN” project in a new video.

In a demonstration of their joint commitment to the environment, Grup Fábregas and Ona Safe & Clean are launching an informative video of their collaboration in the “ECO OCEAN” project. Both companies, leaders in their respective fields, have joined forces to address the challenge of marine pollution and contribute to a more sustainable future.

This new video captures the essence of a unique project, showing the process from waste collection to the creation of the ECO CLEAN range of bins and benches.

From cleaning to innovation

Several months ago, Grup Fábregas closed an innovative deal with Ona Safe and Clean, a company specialized in the construction of sustainable boats for the collection of marine debris.

Ona Safe & Clean, known for its eco-friendly boats, focuses on collecting floating plastic waste from seas, ports and coastlines. After this cleanup effort, Grup Fábregas recycles it, converting it into the raw material for this eco-friendly initiative, a line of litter bins and benches made from plastic collected in the aquatic environment.

This is how the “ECO OCEAN” project is carried out, bins and benches are created with plastic waste recovered from the sea.

A message of sustainability

This project not only transforms polluting plastics into functional urban furniture, but also highlights the importance of working together to build a greener and healthier future for all.

Synergy among different stakeholders is essential in the fight against climate change and marine pollution. Collaboration between companies, institutions, NGOs and the community itself is crucial to effectively address environmental challenges.

Therefore, we invite companies, municipalities and organizations to learn more about our eco-friendly urban furniture products and join the transformation towards a cleaner future, betting on sustainable elements to equip their facilities.

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