With over 100 years of experience in manufacturing urban equipment, our passion lies in innovating and making our customer’s ideas real.

While we are renowned for manufacturing and supplying our standard products all around the world, we also have the capacity to create customized solutions and products, using the same technology and know-how to make it happen.

How we assist you at different project stages

Customer proposals comes in different ways and stages:

  • When there is no existing design or product, we collaborate with the customer through the design and prototype phase. Once the final design is approved, production starts.

  • If there is already a confirmed design, we proceed directly to the production / manufacture.

  • When the customer has an incomplete prototype idea, we participate in the final design phase, assisting in closing and validating the prototype before production.

We embrace these challenges, providing successful responses in each case, thanks to our versatile and experienced production team, specializing in blacksmithing, carpentry, welding and iron in general. This wide range of professionals working together makes us a versatile and experienced group.

It is important to note that delivery times for customized projects are longer than for our standard products. There is no specific deadline, but it will depend on the type of product to be manufactured and its complexity. Before delivery, the product has to go through design, validation and production phase.

Suggestions for customising urban equipment

Are you interested in creating or designing urban products and bringing them to life?

Here are some suggestions to inspire you.

Firstly, consider the function you want the product to serve. We may be able to incorporate add-ons or enhancements that represent an evolution of a standard design. For instance:

  • Adding an ashtray to an existing bin
  • Incorporating a rain cover on top of the bin to avoid rain.
  • Reinforcing the durability of bins or vandal-proof benches
  • Manufacturing bike racks with additional seats
  • Manufacturing special frames for manhole covers
  • To make a complete new design bench
  • Explore other ideas

Secondly, decide on the material. We have the capability to manufacture and design products using various materials, including steel plate, stainless steel, corten steel, aluminum, cast iron, wood, recycled polymer, etc. For cast iron or polyethylene, we possess the expertise and know-how to design the product mold, validate it and proceed with manufacturing.

Thirdly, consider the final touch: the finish. We have the capability to carry out:

  1. Paint wood in any desired color, with each color conveying a unique meaning. For example, the color lilac can symbolize the fight against gender violence.
  2. Apply logos of municipalities or companies to any of our wood or steel products.
  3. Apply any desired finish to the material or anti-corrosion treatments.

Successful examples of customized urban equipment by our customers

We have already amassed considerable experience in customized projects undertaken by our customers. Some projects involve modifying models from our catalogue, while others are entirely bespoke, tailored to the customer’s specific requirements.

Would you like to see some examples? Here are 5:

  • Chair enlargement in a 400% for Esparraguera Town Hall
    In this case, we replicated the design of the MODO08-0700 chair on a much larger scale increasing its size by 400%.

  • Corten flower boxes made to measure for Ceuta Town Hall
    Designed at the request of the City Council of Ceuta

  • PAS 82 casting grate, designed in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council
    We collaborated from the initial idea stage with the Barcelona Town Hall to develop the final design.

  • TULIPA bin manufactured in steel sheet, designed with the Sitges Town Hall
    The initial design was based on a product idea proposed by the Sitges City Council.

  • Customised bike parking for the city of Copenhaguen, Denmark, manufactured in galvanized steel.
    This project was initiated from scratch as our customers wanted a bike park with five spaces, both functional and modern.

Do you have a project in mind but lack the expertise or technology to implement it? Or perhaps you already have the project but require assistance in customising elements such as colours, sizes or materials?

You understan your brand better than anyone else. That is why we would love to hear your ideas. Contact Grup Fábregas, and let us take care of the rest.

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