Within our range of ECO FRIENDLY products, we offer 2 types of slats made from recycled materials:

  • Wood plastic composite (WPC) slats
  • Recycled plastic slats

The main difference between these slats is their composition. Both are made from 100% recycled and reclaimed materials, but their texture and finish are also slightly different.

Recycled plastic slat (PRM)

The recycled plastic slat is made entirely from 100% reclaimed plastic.

We collect plastic waste, and after a shredding process, it is injected at high temperatures to produce the recycled plastic slat.

Recycled plastic slat (PRM)
Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

The WPC slat is manufactured from a variety of reclaimed materials, as its initials in English indicate:

  • W: “Wood” (reclaimed wood or biomass)
  • P: “PVC” (post-consume reclaimed plastic)
  • C: “Composed” mix, meaning the previous 2 components are combined

Therefore, our wood plastic composite (WPC) slat is made from 50% recycled plastic and the other 50% biomass -reclaimed rice husk, making it a product manufactured from 100% recycled and reclaimed materials.

Finishes, texture and colour

Both slats have a dark brown colour, but the finish and the texture are different.  In the case of the recycled plastic slat has a rougher finish, whereas the wood plastic composite (WPC) slat has a smoother, more elegant finish.

The added value of these materials is that they are 100% sustainable and do not require any maintenance when used outdoors.

These are the products we manufacture using these sustainable, maintenance-free slats:

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