Pi i Margall becomes an urban oasis

In line with the vision of green axes that prioritize pedestrian well-being and sustainable mobility, Grup Fábregas is proud to present its contribution to the transformation project of Pi i Margall street in Barcelona. This ambitious municipal initiative aims to create urban pathways that connect iconic spaces, fostering community engagement and environmental sustainability.

At the core of this metamorphosis, our products from the MODO08 series have found their place in the form of chairs and benches of various lengths. Made from pine wood, these products not only offer functionality and durability but also add a harmonious aesthetic touch. The selection of resilient materials underscores our commitment to durability and sustainability.

Pi i Margall street has undergone a significant transformation as a result of this project. Asphalt has been replaced by expansive sidewalks and green areas, creating an urban oasis for residents and visitors alike. This renovation highlights the importance of investing in street furniture that goes beyond beautification: it improves the quality of urban life.

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