Urban transformation

In line with the evolving trends seen in cities worldwide, green axes are emerging. These urban spaces prioritize community life, leisure, and sustainability, fostering a more livable and humanized environment.

Characterized by their integrated nature, green axes harmonize vegetation and paved areas, creating urban corners that enhance neighborhood life and well-being.

Grup Fábregas has contributed to the equipment of a Green Axis in Barcelona, by carefully selecting products from the MODO10 collection in tropical wood, renowned for its functionality and durability. Our selection includes the MODO10 Bench and the MODO10 Chair with 5 slats. Complementing these are the Minim10 Picnic Table, the Minim10 Bench and the Tatami, products that soon will be available in our catalogue.

A distinguishing feature is the integration of various products such as benches, chairs, tatamis, tables and benches, redefining conventional urban furniture. These elements not only offer functionality but also encourage people to embrace the outdoor activities, providing new ways to experience the city.

Green axes represent a move towards a more sustainable and vibrant city. And Grup Fábregas supports entities during this transition by offering street furniture solutions that beautify, respect the environment, and promote a more sustainable urban lifestyle.

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