We are excited to introduce our first new developments of 2022: the market launch of the garden benches and planters HEBA and ZEUS, both lines produced in polyethylene.

The design is modular and has been conceived to offer multiple combination options. This allows the end customer to create different environments by adjusting factors such as the number of elements and the composition of the space.

For example, one option is to vary the units of planters and benches to create asymmetrical spaces.

Additionally, they can be arranged in desired shapes, playing with the curved, rounded and straight lines, making it easier to adapt them to the various road edges.

At the bottom of this article, we have included a gallery with some real examples of how they can be arranged, which may inspire you.

Find out more about garden benches and planters in polyethylene

What are the most notable features of HEBA and ZEUS? Here are the 6 main advantages:

  • Manufactured in medium-density polyethylene fully reinforced.

  • Offer protection against UV rays.

  • Available in 3 different colors to fit into any kind of outdoor environment: white, grey and sand (granite finish,simulating the appearance of concrete).

  • Composition includes 15% urban recycled plastic, reusing resources to reduce its environmental impact.

  • Totally modular, allowing for infinite combinations in urban environments.

  • Includes anchoring instructions to facilitate their installation and ensure durability over time.

If you want to know more about why we rely on polyethylene as a benchmark material for urban equipment, read this article.

Below, we showcase some photographs showing the garden benches already installed:

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