Resistant urban furniture with low-maintenance

We design sustainable urban furniture and we manufacture it with wood, steel, iron, aluminum, recycled plastics, composite and ductile smelting.

A wide variety of materials and combinations so we can adapt to all contexts with optimal results.


In benches, bins and other products with wood, we work with different types of woods:

  • Tropical (Exotic).
  • Pine – Autoclave treated.
  • Black locust.
  • Technical wood.

In all these cases, we apply a treatment to the wood to ensure good durability outdoors and urban environments:

Phase 1: «Kill Dried» technique to the wood

A procedure that is, basically, an artificial drying treatment to make it more resistant and to reduce weight before working other treatments.

Phase 2: Priming

This is a water-based protective primer with biocides, whose purpose is to protect and beautify any type of wood, whether for use in indoor or outdoor environments. This treatment enhances the natural beauty of the wood, coloring it and protecting it from cracking. It contains fungicidal and insecticidal agents capable of providing wood with effective biological protection against woodworm and blue fungi for wood which is exposed to a risk class.

The products we use (Iruxil W-I and Iruxil W-I Color) have sanitary registration from the Ministry of Health and Consumption (REGISTRY number 16-80-05467) and they are endorsed by the CIDEMCO (Center for Research and Development of the Wood and Construction) Quality Mark according to tests carried out according to the EN 927 European Standard.

Phase 3: Three layers of paint

The standard color we apply to most of our products is Hazelnut, but we can apply any other color upon customer request.

Phase 4: Colorless anti-graffiti protection (optional)

As a final step we apply a colorless protective layer, which is a decorative protector for the material exposed to the outside, which protects the wood and ensures a long duration. Optionally, an anti-graffiti layer can also be applied.

Recycled polymer

They are slats that visually simulate wood, manufactured from recycled plastic (urban and post-consumer waste). Through the treatment and the transformation of this waste, recycled polymer slats are manufactured, tailored for the need of our urban furniture.

This is a material that does not rust, that resists weather and is sustainable for the environment.


Polyethylene (PE) is one of the materials that works best in outdoor urban environments. We manufacture our polyethylene products with two principal techniques: rotomolding and injection.

Thanks to its composition, polyethylene offers numerous advantages for urban furniture:

  • Antibacterial.
  • Antimicrobial.
  • UV protection (color intact for a long time).
  • It does not rust, neither moisture nor corrosion affect it.
  • It is 100% recyclable.
  • High chemical and thermal resistance.

Steel, iron and aluminum

We work with different types of steel to give flexibility to each project and its needs. Depending on the weather, humidity and corrosion, a particular type of metal is required, whose characteristics ensure adequate durability.

These are the types of materials we work with the most:

  • Standard steel.
  • Sainless steel 304 and 316.
  • Corten steel, wothout treatment and with treatment of rapid oxidation.
  • Aluminum.

To ensure the durability of steel in outdoor environments, we treat the material with sandblasting, which aims to remove any type of accumulation of dust, dirt or other particles that may affect the texture of the metal surface. We also apply a primer before printing. In this way we make sure to leave the steel “virgin”, without impurities, so that the paint is well impregnated and has a long durability in the product.


We bet on this material for the manufacture of manhole covers, grates and channels for some advantages in comparison with ductile smelting iron that does not have.

The products in composite are manufactured with a mixture of glass fiber and polyurethane, which mixed at high temperature inside the injection mold, bring as a result a high resistant product and with a very good finish.

The advantages of this materias for civil work products are the following ones:

  • Prevention of theft.
  • Doesn’t rust and doesn’t require maintenance.
  • Anti noise to the passage of cars.
  • Easy to handle (weight less than smelting iron).
  • It complies with EN124 breaking load.
  • It is ecological and environmentally friendly.
  • It is not electrically conductive.

Ductile smelting iron

We manufacture our ductile smelting products mainly withGG40, which is the most current cast iron. With this type of iron we manufacture all our sewerage manhole covers, grates, channels, chambers and elements of urban furniture.

Compared to the GG20, a more traditional grey cast iron, the GG40 is stronger and requires less weight in the product.

The GG40 is composed of the mixture of 2 main raw materials:

  • Metal scrap, from the scrapping of cars and machinery.
  • Ingot, or new iron, from the raw material that is extracted from the earth.

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