Fábregas has collaborated in the recent implementation of the “Superblocks” next to the Mercat de Sant Antoni in Barcelona with the installation of its MODO10 model benches and chairs and SKATE-G-BCN bike lane separator. It is a project that extends over an area of more than 26.000 m2 of public space for citizens. Check all the images of the project by clicking here.

What are the objectives in the implantation of superblocks?

The implementation of the “Superblocks” in Barcelona is the strategy used to achieve the objective of rethinking the city from new forms of grouping the traditional islands.

To achieve this, the role of the streets is reconsidered, promoting interaction and social grouping, as well as the renaturalization of public space with plant elements, urban furniture and graphic resources, with the aim of gaining shared, green and safe space.

Elements of urban equipment used in the project

In this case, MODO10 benches range of Fábregas has been used, designed specially for modern urban environments, stylists and diverse cultures. It is made of anodized aluminum (AG3) and certified exotic tropical wood slats finished in open pore varnish. Its design gives the environment a touch of styling and modernity, while ensuring the comfort and functionality of citizens.

SKATE-G-BCN bike lane separators promote safe and sustainable mobility. In addition, they are environmentally friendly as they are made of 100% recycled plastic.

The humanization of urban space with the implementation of “Superblocks” in Barcelona faces the challenge of filling the streets with life, making the city more livable and healthy.

If you also want to take on the challenge in your city, contact Grup Fábregas and we will make it happen.

Equipamiento de playas, tarea postvacacional de ayuntamientos

Video of the Barcelona City Council on the Sant Antoni Superblock

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