Our polyethylene urban furniture for cities is not only an innovative and constantly evolving product line, but it is also becoming a more popular option due to all the advantages that this type of material offers us.

No maintenance is required

As it is a plastic material, it does not require maintenance treatment of any type, unlike wood, which suffers the inclemency of the weather. Polyethylene furniture is highly resistant to adverse weather conditions, offering great durability in outdoor environments (It is not affected by humidity, corrosion or sun exposure). This material is 100% recyclable, promoting the circular economy.

Because of the intricacies involved, which set us apart

Designing and producing a polyethylene product demands significant investment in both design and mould manufacturing, dissuading competitors from entering the market.
A high level of knowledge is required to design and manufacture a mould, as it is a complex process and requires an important know-how to close the prototype, validate it and start its production. Our polyethylene products are mainly manufactured with 2 techniques: Injection and rotational moulding.

Unique design in its shapes

This material allows to do special and unique shapes, which combined with the wide range of colours we offer in our catalogue, make it a highly customisable option so that the furniture follows the same line as the company’s image or the environment.

We have a wide variety of furniture in our catalogue

It is an ideal product for project prescriptions and tenders, as its unique characteristics make it difficult for competitors to compete or present models that meet this material’s prescription.

Opting for our polyethylene products is not just about selecting an excellent quality product, but also it is a mark of distinction, having products that diverge from those of other companies due to the vast versatility offered in terms of design and colour. Whether for decorating public spaces such as streets, squares or green areas, or sport facilities or indoor spaces, we are experts in the manufacture of polyethylene furniture.

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