Urban furniture renovation

Barcelona is gearing up to be the epicentre of the America’s Cup, and it is crucial that every visitor experiences the beauty and charm of a city that warmly welcomes special events.

At the historic Port Vell, we have undertaken the task of renewing the benches along Passeig Joan Borbó and Plaça de Pau Vila, helping to create an atmosphere that reflects the significance of this global event.

To ensure that Port Vell lives up to the prestige of the America’s Cup, the MODO10 benches have been refurbished. These benches, a comfortable and elegant classic, are a hallmark of the city.

They are made with anodised aluminum legs, an aesthetically pleasing material that offers exceptional durability. It is resistant to corrosion and the salinity of the marine environment, ensuring the benches remain in perfect condition without the need for constant maintenance.

Each bench features a custom plaque with the America’s Cup logo, adding a special touch and promoting the event subtly yet effectively.

This renovation of the benches beautifies the Port Vell and provides a more pleasant environment for residents and tourists alike. The inclusion of the America’s Cup logo on the benches acts as continuous promotion of the event, reminding everyone of the importance of this international competition.

Additionally, by using durable and low-maintenance materials, we contribute to a more efficient and sustainable management of the city’s urban furniture, reducing maintenance costs and efforts.

At FÁBREGAS, we are committed to the continuous improvement of urban spaces. Visit our Projects section on our website to discover how we collaborate with innovative and sustainable solutions that are transforming cities.

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