After 8 years offering our ECO-PLAST MODO bench, the most economical polyethylene option available, we have upgraded it to enhance not only its quality and functionality but also its design.

The previous model required metal bar reinforcements both in the backrest and the seat, leading to a more complicated assembly process and prompting the need for a re-design.

In contrast, the new design of the 08PLAST bench is the first to be manufactured entirely from 100% polyethylene, eliminating the need for iron reinforcements. This makes it a maintenance-free product with long-lasting durability in all weather conditions.

Improvements to the ECO-PLAST bench

  • Manufactured entirely in polyethylene, without metal bars
  • Easy-way assembly system
  • Addition of a third central leg to make it more resistant, durable and modular.
  • More functional and visually clean design

But the most significant feature of the new 08PLAST is its complete modularity. As it is manufactured in pieces, it can be combined in different ways:

  • Option to have it with armest or without armrest.
  • Completely customized in terms of size and number of seats: it can be made as an individual, a 2-person bench, 3-person, 4-person, and so on, depending on the customer’s preferences.
  • Armrests can also be added in the location demanded by the customer. Each seat junction is prepared to incorporate them in cases of multiple seats.

In the following gallery you can see the different combinations and color options:

Here you can see the benches in context:

With these improvements to the ECO-PLAST bench, we ensure to give the customer the freedom to choose the type of bench they desire.

Instead of offering a standard model without room for modifications, they can customize it to their needs and preferences while retaining all the advantages of standard models.

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