At Grup Fábregas, we offer a wide range of products tailored for the urban landscape of our cities, designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. We never stand still and our aim is to improve day by day.

Below, we provide a brief overview of the differences and main characteristics of each product line:

Manhole covers and grates in ductile smelting

These products are manufactured in SSG40 smelting. We offer a wide range of models and strengths depending on their intended use, primarily for civil engineering projects.

The main strength of smelting is its exceptional durability and competitive pricing. GG40 is composed of a mixture of 2 main raw materials:

  • Metal scrap from automobiles and machinery.
  • Ingot, ir new iron, from raw material extracted from the earth.

These products are certified based on their strength, as shown here.

A-15 Pedestrian zones, cyclists or green areas

B-125 Breaking strength 12,5 T (for pedestrian areas and sidewalks)

C-250 Breaking strength 25 T (for roadside areas and parkings)

D-400 Breaking strength 40 T (for heavy and normal traffic zones)

E-600 Breaking strength 60 T (for special areas of high loads, port areas)

F-900 Breaking strength 90 T (for airports)

Our bestsellers in this category include:

Manhole covers and grates in composite

This is an innovation in manhole covers and grates manufactured by the technique of combining two or more components to obtain a material with superior properties compared to its individual components, hence the term “composite”. The main reasons for this change are the following ones.

The only disadvantage of this material is its higher cost compared to traditional smelting. While this innovation performs well in certain market niches, smelting remains the most widely used material in the market.

To solve theft issues of smelting manhole covers and grates experienced by the Valencia City Council in Spain, especially on the outskirts of urban centers, we proposed and subsequently conducted a pilot test with a sample of our composite manhole cover. Thanks to the characteristics and composition of the composite material, it is unattractive to thieves, thereby preventing product theft. Not only do we prevent the theft of manhole covers and grates, we also add value to the market.

Our bestsellers in this category include:

Urban furniture

This product line includes benches, bins, planters, bollards, fountains, and other urban elements. It offers a comprehensive range of products to equip cities, private entities, sport facilities, universities, educational institutions, residential developments, etc.
These products are manufactured using traditional materials, such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel, corten steel, wood, concrete or aluminium. The strength of this product family lies in its unique and modern design for most products, along with their competitive cost.
Although we have a wide range of models, we also manufacture customised projects using these materials.

Polyethylene urban furniture

These are urban furniture elements exclusively made of polyethylene, an innovative material. The main advantage of this material is that it requires no maintenance, it has excellent resistance to weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use.

The design of this product line is unique and different from others, allowing for customization with various colours according to customer preference.

The strengths of this material are the following:

  • High chemical and thermal resistance.
  • Flexible, even in low temperatures.
  • Lightweight, therefore easy to transport.
  • Cannot be corroded by acids (corrosion, ideal for abrasive or dirty areas).
  • Water-resistant.
  • Impact-resistant.
  • Recyclable.
  • Does not rust and moisture has no effect on it.
  • Does not deform permanently.
  • Long lasting, almost maintenance free, which is especially important for outdoor environments.
  • Wide range of colours and textures.
  • UV protection.

Road safety

These products are designed to improve road safety in cities and urban environments. This product line mainly consists of flexible bollards, bike lane separators and speed reducers.

Our bestsellers in this category include:

Playgrounds and recreational spaces

Products designed for recreational areas, providing entertainment and physical exercise. This range is divided into 3 product categories:


Springs, slides, playgrounds for the little ones.

Biohealthy equipment

Primarily for adults and the elderly, for outdoor physical exercise.

Street Workout

For outdoor physical exercise.

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